Sunday, August 24, 2014

Inaugural Post

We live in strange times--the media tells us how we should feel, and how we should vote, and, though we complain about it, we obediently follow their sometimes conflicting wishes. This means that we are basically doing what the people who own the media tell us to do, but apparently that's the way we like it, so...but are we really the mindless sheep they want us to be?

What does the media tell us?

First we must understand that, no matter what they claim, they are not news-reporting agencies. News reporting is telling the facts without putting a spin on them--simply reporting the facts, which is not really that compelling when you think about it, and not likely to generate a lot of obsessed viewers. Today's news reporting media is a gossip monger's dream come true. They try and convict criminals on a daily basis by telling the facts as they want them to be, and they withhold information that disagrees with what the corporate owners of that news organization wants you to know.

They are a front for those who are in power, the moguls with the money. Those who own the media, own the politician, and through that politician, they own your country.

This means they control society by feeding our suspicions and playing upon our fears. They deliberately polarize us, deliberately set us against each other over emotionally-charged red herrings, while diverting our attention from the real crises that threaten our world.

Thanks to the hysteria generated by the news reporting agencies we fear the police, we fear the the poor, we fear the government, and gun-toting wackos in Starbucks. We fear Mexico. We fear because we are told the horror stories of what these entities are capable of over and over, repeated ad nauseum, until we fear them as if they are standing at our front door waiting to shoot us in cold blood.

The media giants control us through our fear. Those who sort and sift our information know what the once-honorable Republican party has known since Richard Nixon came into power--that if you lie loud enough and keep repeating your lie no matter what the truth is, your lie will be believed and you will have won. Political Bullies win because decent people despise stooping to their level.

My intention is to keep our eyes focused on the truth about our lives on this small planet. We must face the unpleasant facts and realize that we have the power to change our world on person and one idea at a time. We begin the change one voice at a time, and we begin by not believing that the News Industry has our best interests at heart.

We can simply turn them off.

I do not care what ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, or any corporate news reporting agency says--they do not report the real news and they do not have my best interests at heart. However if one is willing to do the leg work, one can find morsels of truth buried under the mountain of red-herrings.

I am only one old lady with a conscience, and with a blog. I will raise my voice to counter their deliberate misdirections one blog-post at a time.

For today's nugget of news, lets talk about water. Or, rather, lets talk about the lack of it. According to the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) "What's on Tap, a carefully researched, documented and peer-reviewed study of the drinking water systems of 19 U.S. cities, found that pollution and deteriorating, out-of-date plumbing are sometimes delivering drinking water that might pose health risks to some residents."

But this is where it becomes sad--our systems are failing, but globally millions of people don't have any infrastructure at all for clean water. Political and economic constraints mean these people are unable to immigrate to a place where water is safer. The mortality is high--according to an article printed in 2006 in The Guardian: "Nearly two million children a year die for want of clean water and proper sanitation while the world's poor often pay more for their water than people in Britain or the US, according to a major new report." 

I feel fairly certain that nothing has changed for the better in the eight years since this article was first printed. In fact--FOX NEWS recently posted this little article which was pushed to the back burner in favor of adding fuel to the emotionally more engaging race-riots in Ferguson Missouri:

"The United States has one of the best reputations for its clean public water supply, yet your drinking water may still be unsafe and contaminated.

More than 60,000 chemicals are used in the U.S., but only 90 water contaminants are regulated under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).

The SDWA doesn’t completely remove all of these 90 contaminants from our water, however; it only sets a ‘safe standard’ on the maximum contaminant levels allowed in public drinking water.
Over time, these chemicals and other unregulated contaminants can build up in your body and potentially damage your health.
“My biggest concerns are pharmaceuticals and fluoride,” water expert Michael Cervin told “Sure, arsenic, lead, uranium and mercury all sound bad, but they are far less worrisome than man-made toxins.” 
FOR THE FULL ARTICLE, GO TO Could Your Water Be Unsafe To Drink?
To wrap this up--what I want you to consider is this: who tells you what to think, and why? Do they have your best interests in mind? Or are they merely diverting your attention so those whose financial gain depends upon exploiting the environment to its limits can continue to go about their business unchecked? 

What is really news, and what is just emotionally-charged gossip designed to distract you? Before you turn that broadcast on, ask yourself why you are doing it. Perhaps there are better ways to source news about what is really going on in our world. Consider reading online news papers from the UK and Canada to see a less biased view of what happens here.